Caring Canadian Politicians, Old-School Cool Hipsters, and Ron Swanson


What we’re reading:


  • Stuart Reid of The Atlantic and his May 2015 profile of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who came to power this week in the Canadian elections.
  • Lucia Moses of Digiday and her profile of Cory Heik, the Washington Post’s executive director of emerging new products, and the innovations she’s bringing to the newsroom.
  • Susan Burton does a profile of and interview with Terry Gross – based on her 40th anniversary with Fresh Air – for a piece in the New York Times Magazine.
  • The Daily Dot‘s Rachel Bussel interviews the proprietors of a crowd-funded romance bookstore regarding the purpose of their store and their thoughts on the industry as a whole.

Media Services:

  • An inside look at Youtube’s new ad-free subscription service by Ben Popper of The Verge.
  • Tyler Falk from examines some of the data regarding NPR listeners, with specific attention dedicated to the aging population and the growth in digital radio.


  • Jeffrey O’Brien reports on the influx of health-related problems among Silicon Valley employees in a Fortune Magazine feature.
  • Claire Cain Miller writes about the growing gender gap in education among disadvantaged families for The New York Times.

Cultural Niche:

What we’re listening to:


  • Steven Dubner of Freakonomics interviews Drew Gilpin Faust, the current president of Harvard University and the only female to hold the position in Harvard’s history, about her background, the purpose of university endowments, and her childhood letter to President Eisenhower.
  • Terry Gross of Fresh Air interviews Jorge Ramos, Univision anchor and journalist.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson of Startalk Radio discusses the legacy of both Star Trek and World War II Japanese internment camps with George Takei.


  • A podcast from last year by 99% Invisible concerning the history and design of the Ouija board. And another, more in-depth one about the sounds of sports over the years and how the design of capturing those sounds has changed over the years.


  • The Radiolab staff delves into the history of Nazi prisoners of war (POWs) working in the US, how that reflects our current treatment of POWs, and how both treatments comply with the Geneva Conventions.

Cultural Niches:

What we’re watching:

Just this cat GIF, over and over and over…..someone’s shocked at getting caught watching TV when they should be catnapping…

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