A More Bookish Perspective….


So many exciting things to read and watch and hear, and what’s a better time than autumn days with a chai or coffee in hand, or perhaps cold fall evenings in bed with a warm glass of cider and a donut on the side? Kudos to Sarah aka “SasswithClass” for designing the beautiful new header picture for the newsletter – adds a certain flair, don’t you think? This week is especially important in the wide world of books, as the National Book Awards AND the Man Booker Prize are given to some of our best writers, authors, and poets – more information is listed below. As always, feel free to comment or respond back, and we especially welcome stories or perspectives to delve into.



What we’re reading:

Weird and Unusual
Prized Winners

What we’re listening to:

  • NPR’s Morning Edition interviews Anthony Marra about his new book, The Tsar of Love and Techno.
  • The Book Riot squad discusses library attendance, the Man Booker shortlist, why people don’t always read the books they own, and other such matters.
  • The guys at Stuff You Should Know discuss the Musketeers – the book, the candy bar, the movie, and the special armed forces of the French kings.
Pop Culture Everything:
Mystery (literally):

What we’re watching:

  • Jon Oliver takes on the Canadian election with some assistance from a beaver, a moose, and Mike Myers.

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