Bedazzled unicorns are all the rage…

What we’re reading:




Culture/Whatever’s Leftover:

  • Mason jars in all their glory – a piece by Ariana Kelly of The Atlantic.

What we’re listening to:

Everything (Four is Totally Manageable):

  •  William Deresiewicz and David Brooks chat about the purpose of college in anAspen Ideas To Go podcast courtesy of The Aspen Institute.
  • The crew of Imaginary Worlds discuss the ramifications and concepts behind the upcoming X-Files reboot.
  • Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air interviews American author and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison.
  • The first episode of NPR’s The Hidden Brain with host Shankar Vedantam discusses feedback and switchtracking with games and interviews – check it out!

What we’re watching:


Simply Great Television:


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