First the worst, second the best, does the third get the bird?

Welcome back everyone! Here’s the second issues of our newsletter, with some new adaptations and changes; as always feel free to get back with us, whether its responses to articles or comments about the design of the newsletter itself. We’re still figuring out this stuff from our side, so any feedback is appreciated! Would love to hear from you, and enjoy the various stories below!
What we’re reading:

Popular Culture
“Big” Issues

What we’re listening to:
  • This Longform podcast with public radio producer and podcast man Ira Glass.
  • Terry Gross of Fresh Air interviews Jonathan Franzen about his new novel, parenthood, and his friendship with David Foster Wallace; also an interview with Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show on Jon Stewart, Bill Cosby, and being a “blerd”.
  • Alec Baldwin of Here’s The Thing sits down with Lawrence Wright to discuss ISIS, Scientology, and religion.
​”Big” Issues



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