Starting A Newsletter!!!

Whoop, whoop! At least that’s the sound I most identify with excitement…anyways [the royal] we over here at Mismatched Socks decided to start writing an email newsletter incorporating some of our favorite longreads articles. While this is in no way, shape, or form will take the place of any and all blog writing, we believe it’s an easier format better suited to our general readership. The newsletter will also include snippets and mentions of other media-related items, such as shows or video we’re watching and podcasts or interviews we’re listening to. The newsletter will be sent out every Monday so you can joyfully digest it along with the rest of your lunch during the typical work place meal and snack times taking place over the next four days; the newsletter will also be posted to our longreads for additional access too. It’s almost like the unwanted access your toe feels upon the discovery of a hole in your sock…

We also promise that original content writing will be coming soon, with the delay due to the unforeseen consequences of vast amounts of laundry and a detour into The Detergent Wars – once things have wound down a bit expect a weekly musing or report coming to you by way of social media!

Check out the first motley of articles and such in our newsletter posting here!

Thanks for reading!

Miserably yours,



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